Calculations using a simulation constructed

Part 1: Simulation of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
This component of the assignment is worth 25 Marks. You will utilize your knowledge of reactor design
to determine the necessary volume in a CSTR to achieve 95% conversion of the limiting reactant. You
will then verify your calculations using a simulation constructed in UNISIM or ASPEN HYSYS, and
discuss the results.
Relevant Theory
The behaviour of a CSTR is often modelled as an ideal perfectly mixed reactor. The model of a CSTR is
often used to simplify engineering calculations
A basic flowsheet for a CSTR unit is presented in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Basic flowsheet for a CSTR
Assuming perfect or ideal mixing, the steady-state material balance for the CSTR reactor can be
expressed as follows:
�஺0ܺ + �஺ܸ = Ͳ
FA0 -= Molar flow of key component A,
X = Conversion of reactant A
rA = Reaction rate
V = Volume of reactor.
The concentration, CA, of component A in the exit stream can be given by,
ሻ − ܺ0ሺͳ஺ܥ = ஺ܥ
The reaction rate to the n
th order with respect to component A can be expressed as,
஺ܥ�− = ஺�

The rate constant, k, is provided by the Arrhenius Equation:

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Calculations using a simulation constructed
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