Government actions and input from stakeholders

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There have been several devastating disasters—natural and man-made—across the globe in the past 10 years. Each disaster impacted physical, social, economic, demographic, political, and other domains.

Your task:

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Government actions and input from stakeholders
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Select a U.S. recovery case (e.g., a hurricane [not Katrina], flood, earthquake, fire, etc.) and compare it to another country’s like disaster. How are they similar and different? Consider government actions, input from stakeholders, international aid, and other factors.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Support your key points with specific examples and data from government sources, peer-reviewed academic references, and subject matter experts. Your paper will not exceed 5 pages (excluding cover sheet and reference page).

Required Reading

Australian Emergency Management handbook series: Community recovery: Handbook 2. Commonwealth of Australia 2011 Third edition. ISBN 978-1-921152-27-6. Edited and published by the Australian Emergency Management Institute. Retrieved from Read: Section A/Chapters 1, 2; Section E/Chapters 16–19.

Community Planning and Capacity Building Support Function: Retrieved from

Economic Recovery Support Function: Retrieved from

Health and Social Services Recovery Support Function. Retrieved from

Housing Recovery Support Function: Retrieved from

Infrastructure Systems Recovery Support Function: Retrieved from

Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery Support Function: Retrieved from

Required Websites

Federal Emergency Management Agency:

Federal Emergency Management Agency: Page 37.

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