Immutable Laws of Marketing

Book Title: The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

Authors: Al Ries and Jack Trout

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Immutable Laws of Marketing
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ISBN: 978-0887306662

Book Review Paper Requirements

A quick review of the book on your own worlds and answer the following questions.

Please include all applicable points in your Book Review. You may switch the order of these points, if necessary.

  • Which laws/concepts do you feel have stood the test of time (for the most part)?
  • Which laws/concepts do you think need to be updated to remain useful?
  • Which laws/concepts do you feel should be discarded entirely?

(Between the three questions above, be sure to sort each law into a category)

  • Was this book helpful in understanding some of the psychology & history behind marketing?
  • Did any parts of this book help you connect the topics we studied in our other textbook?
  • In your opinion, were any parts of this book unnecessary? Offensive? Confusing?
  • Overall, what did you think of the book?

 Length and Format Requirements

Cover Page: Do not include a cover page, but be sure to include your name, date, and the course on the first page.

Table Of Contents: Do not include

Works Cited: Include all sources used (including textbook), in APA format. Use in-text citations.

Format: DO NOT answer this assignment as bullet points only. This should be in essay-format, with paragraphs, and full sentences. 12pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced or 1.5 Spacing, 1” Margins, Regular Character Spacing.

Length: Do NOT exceed 3 pages. Works Cited does not count toward page count.

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