Midterm Retest Correct Answers

Midterm Retest

If you are not pleased with your midterm grade and would like another chance to be tested, you may answer the following prompt in a brief essay format.
Choose four social problems of interest to you. Each problem should be different in that one is related to economic inequality, another is related to racial inequality, another is related to gender inequality and another is related to aging and/or age inequality. For each problem, answer the following questions clearly and completely (You should have four separate “mini essays.”):

1. Describe the problem in 3-5 sentences. What is the problem? In what settings does the problem occur? Who is affected by the problem?

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Midterm Retest Correct Answers
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2. In a minimum of 5 sentences, describe who defines the problem. Is the problem apparent in politics or the media? If not, why might this be? If so, do liberals and conservatives vary in their definitions of and solutions to the problem? How so?

3. In a minimum of 5 sentences, demonstrate an understanding that social problems are socially constructed. What larger social forces contribute to the production of social problems? How are
social conditions defined as problematic? This might be a good opportunity to apply at least one
theoretical perspective to explain the problem sociologically.

Double space your responses and use a 10- or 12-point font. Use a scholarly citation format to
document your sources and be sure to cite your sources appropriately throughout the text. Your
completed exam is due by Friday, October 26 at 11:59 pm.

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