Profile comparison activity Fa201.

To get more awareness for the characteristics of newsletter profiles, this activity requires you will read and compare three different profiles from newsletters from different departments at SDSU. After reading the profiles, you will answer the questions below and upload your responses to theProfile Comparison Activityassignment on Canvas.


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Profile comparison activity Fa201.
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1. What is similar/different about the ways the profiles open? Review Sample Profile Activity for a list of some possible ways to open a profile. Which ways do these profiles use? Which way do you think you want to use in your profile? Why do you want to use this way?


2. What is similar/different about the ways the profiles are organized? Does one profile use a different method of organizing the information than the others? Explain.


3. What verb tense is used to set up/integrate quotes in the profiles? Identify which ones use the present and which one uses the past. How do you think the verb tense affects the feel of the profile? Why would a writer use the present instead of the past to set up the quotes?


4. What jargon do you notice being used in each of the profiles? Provide a couple examples from each profile.


5. Which profile uses the most quotes? Do you think you should use a lot of quotes in your own profile? Why or why not? Think about the number of quotes you encountered in the other profiles we read before you answer the question.


6. What are the features of design that are similar/different between the profile? Make a list of the similar ones and a list of the different ones. Which features do you think you want to use in your own profile? Why?