Quantitative Methods for Health Services Managers

Essentials of Applied Quantitative Methods for Health Services Managers


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Quantitative Methods for Health Services Managers
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Chapter 12 Homework


12-1: Using the information in Table 12-7 on page 249, construct a PERT network and answer each of the following questions (10 points):

a. What is the expected project completion data? (5 points)

b. What is the scheduled start and completion date for each activity? (5 points)

c. Which activities are on the critical path? (5 points)

How long can noncritical path activities be delayed without jeopardizing the overall completion date for this project? (5 points) Do you agree with the company requiring employees to attend the “non-denominational” devotional meetings? Why or why not?
What aspects of religions/belief systems may come to play in the workplace?
As an HR manager, what aspects of religions/belief systems would be helpful to know when managing a person with this particular set of beliefs?
If an employee requests a particular religious accommodation (wearing religiously significant clothing and/or jewelry, taking time to pray during the day, creating facilities for prayer, taking off a few hours during the day to celebrate a particular holy day, etc.), how would you manage this situation?