Simulation of a binary distillation column

EG-208 Process DesigŶ & SiŵulatioŶ
AssigŶŵeŶt 2
Weighting: 75% of Final Module Mark
Issue Date: 26th April 2021
Deadline Date: Monday 10th of May @ 13:00 BST
Submission: Via CANVAS
Type of Assignment: Individual submission
General Guidance:
This assignment comprises of three parts.
Part 1 – Simulation of a continuous stirred tank reactor (25 Marks)
Part 2 – Simulation of a binary distillation column (35 Marks)
Part 3 – Refinery Exercise with mistakes (15 Marks)
A submission point for each Part of the assignment will be made available on CANVAS.
Details of what should be submitted for each part are provided with the guidance for each part and
will be stated clearly on the CANVAS Submission point. Each submission point will allow you 3 attempts
to upload the necessary files.
Please read the guidance for each part of the assignment carefully.
Academic Misconduct
You can work in your study groups to discuss the tasks in this assignment. But the documents and
simulation files you submit for assessment must be your own individual work.
Do not share your simulation files with each other. If you do, you will run the risk of being detected
and reported for academic misconduct.
Late Submission
Please note the College of Engineering has a ZERO Tolerance policy on late submission.
Be aware that CANVAS can sometimes report a submission LATE if it is submitted on the deadline. You
are therefore advised to ensure you submit your work before the deadline.

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Simulation of a binary distillation column
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