The Customer Service Call Centre

The Customer Service Call Centre of Jason’s Bank Ltd. 


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The Customer Service Call Centre
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Jason’s Bank was founded by Jason Healy (Senior) in 1961. Jason was a former Olympic wrestler who represented Hungary in the summer Olympics in Melbourne in 1956 and sought and received asylum in Australia during those games. After initially working for the Commonwealth Bank for 5 years, Jason saw the opportunity to open his own bank and boldly took it.

Jason’s Bank was originally a community bank for immigrants, initially having strong ties to the Iranian and Filipino communities in Sydney. Gradually it grew (into other cities and communities) and came to be seen as the bank for all immigrants and as these communities assimilated, it became a trusted name and authentic brand across all communities in Australia, particularly in suburban and regional Australia.

The bank has always been structured as a not-for-profit and invests revenues earned from communities back into those communities, through contributions to communities in areas such as sponsorships, scholarships, discounts and joint ventures with other community service organisations or service providers.

When Jason snr was tragically killed playing cricket in Tasmania, Jason jnr took over the CEO role in 2008, only one week before the global financial crisis (GFC) took hold in September of that year with the collapse of Lehmann Bros in the U.S. The post-GFC period saw Jason’s Bank take over 3 small regional banks each of which were experiencing severe funding problems when the credit markets froze in October 2008. These banks were:

· Mylene’s Bank (predominantly serving the Vietnamese community. Founded in 1978),

· Jasmine’s Bank (predominantly serving the Columbian and other South American communities. Founded in 1993), and

· Judith’s Bank (predominantly serving mining towns in remote areas of Western Australia and Queensland. Founded in 1989)

These three banks kept their brand names so that Jason’s Bank, a public company which listed on the ASX in 1998, is in reality 4 bank brands, each with its own brand identity. Head office is located in York St, Sydney, where treasury; wholesale lending; credit and risk management; marketing; IT; and human resources heads are located. The customer service call centre is also located in the York Street headquarters building.

Last year the bank celebrated its 50th anniversary and remains a trusted and well-run bank, the 5th largest in Australia with a market capitalisation of $7.2 billion. It has over 1.3 million customers and over 6,700 staff.

Unfortunately, the customer service call centre has been experiencing problems with customer satisfaction, efficiency, staff morale and engagement. This area is dragging down the bank’s overall brand strength.

The latest annual Cannex customer satisfaction ratings (as at July 2012) are as fo

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