The Role Of Questions In Thinking

11:46 PM (1 minute agoto meDiscussion 1 ( 150 words)The Role of Questions in Thinking, Teaching, and Learning
The primary teaching and learning activity in this class is active participation in two ways.  First, the Student Led Discussions on selected chapters of the textbook; in these discussions, each student poses a “critical thinking” question based on some important issue from the course readings, then facilitates a class discussion on that issue. For each chapter in the textbook, every student must facilitate a discussion based upon their question, and also participate in the discussions facilitated by other students. By being an active ‘discussant’ in a minimum of three content-related discussions per chapter, each student must engage in depth with the content of every chapter, although it is unlikely that any two students will participate in the same discussions in each chapter.
Second, there are selected journal articles that are related to the content presented in the textbook chapter.  The student is then provided critical thought questions that urge the student to synthesize the piec

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